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“The Viseart Brow and Eyeshadow Palette Structure is a multipurpose palette that’s perfect for spotlighting eyes and brows thanks to its 3 waxes and 9 matte powder shades.
The 3 wax-based tones have been created to offer an array of eyebrow looks from the most natural enhancement to the most dramatic designs. The brow wax is sheer in pigment and designed to be used as a primer for sparse areas of the eyebrow to create depth. The powder pigments have been specially formulated to balance color payoff for eyebrows in a range of hues to work with a full spectrum of hair shades for blond, brunette, auburn to black. This palette has been thoughtfully edited and easily customizes to the ever changing needs of brow art, facial hair enhancement to eye shading.”

How To Apply

Before you put any brow product on, you should always brush your eyebrows. Brush them down and up to see where you need help. Take one of the waxes on the left row and blend it with a brush in any sections of your hair that are missing. Then go with the powder color. You can mix the colors to get exactly the one you need. Apply the powder on your brow. It will be fixed on the skin where the wax is. Use a lighter shade on the inner corner of the brow for a natural effect. You can also use the powders on the lids as eyeshadow.

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