Bijoux Royal – VPE09

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Bijoux Royal is a rich and majestic palette, Take glittery eye looks to a whole new level with these vibrant shades, found only in this palette.These shades combine seamlessly to create a shimmering, regal look.

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“A palette of 12 high-impact shadows with a pure pigment formula for rich, dazzling eye looks. Each shade delivers a rich pay-off of pigment with an elegant reflective finish. Get eyes to envy and create endless looks to share with 12 high-impact shadows. Apply with a soft textured, sable hair brush to achieve the perfect application.”

How To Apply

Start with the metallic brown to create a deep contour by letting the brush glides back and forth right along the crease. Work with the brightest green and use it along the lid. Take the brown-green and apply on the outer corner to add dimension. Next pick up the brownish-grey to use in the inner corner. Blend over to diffuse the colors with a crease brush. Use the deepest green as a liner for the lower lash line to add some definition.

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